Remote Monitoring of Rural Hand Pumps


pumpThis project aims to develop a monitoring tool that reports on the health of a standard hand pump in a rural community. Using specific Global System Mobile tools, a group of students from Oxford University are developing a way to remotely track the health of a hand pump in rural communities. As their report highlights, one out of three installed hand pumps worldwide are no longer functioning. For certain pumps this means simply replacing a broken piece or making an adjustment.

The innovation that this project brings to WASH activities is a greater sense of accountability and sustainability. By using this tool, an NGO can track their hand pumps and maintain daily reports to their stakeholders concerning the efficacy of their intervention. Second, a hand pump that is able to send out a signal when it goes out of service facilitates the maintenance and service delivery capabilities of those responsible. A capable and responsible NGO with this innovation would be better able to immediately address the needs of a rural community.

Developers have not identified the costs per-unit or the software associated in monitoring the health of the hand pumps. Stay tuned for this innovation to go live and become accessible.

Developed by: Patrick
Thomson, Rob Hope and Tim Foster at the University of Oxford.

Eric Pires

Eric Pires

Eric Pires is a writer and co-founder of Innovate Development. He has worked in various sectors in Latin America and is currently working in Antigua, Guatemala.

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