Biochar: An Old Technology with New Applications


The International Biochar Initiative is an international non-profit that seeks to promote the use of biochar, a solid material made from the carbonization of biomass, through research, commercial endeavours, policy,development workers, and farmers.

There are a number of benefits of biochar that make it an innovative asset in a wide range of regions. As a natural soil enhancer, biochar effectively increases food security in areas with high erosion or pool soil. Made using a 2000 year old process, biochar converts agricultural waste into a soil enhancer that stores carbon and discourages deforestation through increased nutrient and water retention. It is also a powerful tool for offsetting carbon dioxide output and can be used as a part of a carbon emission offset protocol.

This low-tech and environmentally friendly tool can be used worldwide and with limited technological or financial input, making it an important innovation for modern farming and reforestation initiatives. IBI is currently overseeing projects in Vietnam, Uganda, and the US Pacific Northwest.

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International Biochar Initiative

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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Eric is an editor, writer, and community organizer based in Guelph, Canada.

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