A Low-Power, Off the Grid Lighting Solution


GravityLight is an innovative way for those living off the grid to have reliable lighting without the use of fuel or candles. It works by generating a small electric charge as a weight is pulled down the attached cable. The resulting charge is enough to power the included light for half an hour.

It costs less than $10 and has no running costs, which replaces the cost of kerosene for lamps within three months or less.  The development team hopes to bring the price down to $5 after beta testing and efficiency upgrades. The second generation of the light has been made more durable and less susceptible to rough handling. Current development is looking at ways to make the light brighter and to allow the same mechanism to power peripheral devises.  

It was originally funded by a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign but is now at the working prototype stage and is preparing for wider production. The cost-effective aspect of this invention makes it exciting not just for those in the developing world but everyone looking for cheap access to lighting and electricity.

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Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Eric is an editor, writer, and community organizer based in Guelph, Canada.

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