Fast Form Shelters: Emergency Housing That Locks Into Place


After the Haiti earthquake, this structure was designed as a fast form of shelter post-disaster. It involves a large roof that can collect rainwater and a system of mirrors to create steam. It’s completely constructed by fiber board and can be made in less than five hours. It requires no nuts or bolts to assemble.

fast form shelters

It is cheap, and easily manufactured through CNC, turning CAD drawings into XYZ 

coordinates. In five hours, having shelter can mean a lot for those that generally don’t

On the downside, there are over 2500 parts to the building, which in a post-disaster environment makes it questionable that it could be constructed easily. We also question it’s use compared to something more short term like tents. Would this be a universal replacement or would it be simply situational? have proper shelter for days after a disaster. It can be used for longer than traditional tents. It also takes into account the intense stress put on the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector after a disaster by automatically gathering rainwater.

fast form 2


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Pieter Stoutjesdijk

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Eric Anderson

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