Soccket, Kicking Up Power and Rolling Out the Fun


Soccer, the world’s most popular sport, has now added innovative technology to its ball with a goal of reducing poverty in the developing world. A few Harvard female entrepreneurs invented Soccket in order to bring light to where there is no light.


Soccket is “much more than a normal soccer ball, the Soccket is a portable generator that provides fun and power to those who play with it.” With only 10 minutes of kicking the ball around enough power is generated to light an LED lamp for 3 hours. Powering the LED light allows homes that use dangerous kerosene lamps, a common cause of fires and respiratory problems with children, to now use free kinetic power to light their homes.

Not only does the Soccket reduce the chance of household fires and respiratory problems, but it also encourages children to play and provides power to do homework after school. Providing soccer balls has proven to empower children, develop team-playing skills, and improve health and fitness levels. Having extra time in the evening to do school work improves educational outcomes which helps children develop long-term learning skills and hopefully break the cycle of poverty.

Soccket works by using an inductive coil mechanism, similar to what you would find in a kinetic energy flashlight. The movement of the ball forces the magnet through a coil, which induces a voltage to generate electricity, but the mechanism does not affect play. As the ball rolls, it generates power.

Soccket is a fun and innovative ball designed to increase fun, improve education, and reduce poverty in the developing world. Maybe we’ll be seeing some of these balls in our stores in the near future!


For more information on the inventors of Soccket check out Uncharted Play’s website. Uncharted Play has won multiple awards and recognition for their work with Soccket.








Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

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