Interactive Map Measures WASH resources across Africa


WaterMapAccess to water, sanitation and hygiene has been a long-standing issue for many communities across the global South, particularly on the African continent. WaterAid, an NGO that focuses on awareness regarding access to water, sanitation and hygiene resources across the globe, has developed an interactive map that measures the progress of access of WASH resources across Africa. The map begins in 1990, and through a timeline, shows how access to WASH resources has grown up to 2014, and then predicts future access up to 2030.

The map features two sliders — one focusing on water access, the other on sanitation access — which change highlighted colours on the map to show fluctuations in access. 

Information to build this map was collected through surveys and census data, since official records in some global south countries can be difficult to access, and are also not always the most reliable. Many people were asked directly where they get water from, and if they have any access to sanitation facilities.

Future predictions for WASH access was determined by analyzing current projects and programs, and making educated estimates to determine their overall success. Many of these project are currently working towards the MDGs, which end next year.

Click here for more information on how the map was developed.

Elizabeth DiCesare

Elizabeth DiCesare

Elizabeth is a writer currently based in Kitchener-Waterloo.

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