In an industry beset by unending challenges, Innovate Development seeks to highlight the unique approaches, innovative thinking, and stories of success to inspire practitioners to identify new solutions to old problems and collaborate towards common goals.

We are a growing online community for sharing and discussing creative ideas and solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Our website showcases innovative projects and cutting-edge technologies, and tells stories that deserve to be shared.

The website is a resource for development workers, inventors, students, academics and anyone who is interested in exploring innovative ideas.


To explore innovative projects, approaches, and inventions that address the needs of the vulnerable communities and to leverage these ideas into a valuable resource for the global non-profit and development sectors.


Innovate Development is a platform for development practitioners to share, discuss, and evaluate new approaches; to act collaboratively as a united community; and to reward positive deviance in the pursuit of a better world.

What is it to be innovative?

At Innovate Development we see international development innovation coming in various shapes and sizes. We seek to highlight projects, programs, and ideas that are addressing problems from an original approach that merits analysis and praise.

The innovation may come in a more efficient service-delivery model or perhaps by addressing a multitude of needs through a single intervention. Innovations often occur when projects are capable of addressing several problems simultaneously or converting barriers into solutions. A desire to improve the services offered to aid beneficiaries is the principle that we believe should guide innovation.

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