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Innovate Development to proud to have worked and shared resources with some of the most innovative and passionate organizations in development and humanitarianism. Some have given us an inside look at their programs, and with others we have a cross-posting agreement to promote each other’s content. Many thanks to you all!

If your organization is interested in working with us, let us know at

The Technology Exchange Lab is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides a platform where the global community can share and discuss innovative, locally implemented solutions to problems of poverty and sustainability. We are a growing international network of inventors, engineers, non-profit workers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, micro-financiers and community leaders, welcoming new members.

The MATCH International Women’s Fund’s vision is a global community where women have the resources and power to realize their rights and potential. Our vision is inspired by the force for change that occurs when women work together. It is a vision whereby Canadians actively work to advance women’s rights in the global South and create lasting connections toward this end.

The International Biochar Initiative promotes good industry practices, stakeholder collaboration, and environmental and ethical standards to foster economically viable biochar systems that are safe and effective for use in soil fertility and as a climate mitigation tool

Aqueous Solutions is consortium of research scientists, field engineers, and ecological designers working to promote livelihood security, environmental and economic sustainability, and local self-reliance through ecological design and appropriate technologies in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

Through information sharing, Words In The Bucket aims to contribute to mainstream international issues related to human rights protection, social inclusion, development and peace by presenting articles, medias or whatever can help the readers to better understand what is happening in our world.

Nothing is perfect but it is possible to use our inevitable failures to inspire innovation, and build the collaborative learning practices needed to become more competitive, effective and resilient organizations.

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