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    Clean Water at the Swipe of a Card

    Sarvajal is bringing filtered water to under-served populations and providing employment opportunities in India through water ATMs. The system removes 99.9% of toxins and provides clean water around the clock at a fraction of the price associated with traditional systems.

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The Cooperative Model Builds Capacity and Community in Haiti

The Cooperative Model Builds Capacity and Community in Haiti

August 27th, 2014

. By Valerie Busch

Sector: Agriculture,Education,Livelihoods

Since 2010, more than 1,300 cooperative farmers in southwest Haiti have been defining what participatory development means, and are transforming their community on their own terms. With support from Crossroads (CCCI) and Productive Cooperatives Haiti (PCH), Coopérative des Planteurs de Gorgette was established in the community of Duchity four years ago. The members of this new cooperative had experienced sharp... (more)

Tags: Agriculture,capacity,community,cooperative,Haiti,participatory development,vegetables

Pitch in for Clean Water in Kenya

Pitch in for Clean Water in Kenya

August 26th, 2014

. By Courtney Mollenhauer

Sector: Education,Health,Water & Sanitation

Water is at the heart of many of today’s global development challenges. One in nine people lack access to an improved water source, of which nearly half are concentrated in Africa. The implications of this include poor health, sanitation and hygiene, and consequently, the spread of preventable diseases. U.S social enterprise, PITCHAfrica, has found an innovative way to address this... (more)

Tags: Africa,clean water,Education,environment,health,Kenya,PITCHAfrica,rainwater harvesting

“Tampons” Designed to Combat HIV

“Tampons” Designed to Combat HIV

August 25th, 2014

. By Elizabeth DiCesare

Sector: Health,Inventions

Despite the many advances made in recent years that aim to help treat and combat HIV/AIDS, the virus still affects more than 35 million people worldwide, with the majority living in Sub-Saharan Africa. We recently shared a new innovation that uses condoms to combat HIV. Another new invention, referred to as a “tampon”, follows the same idea.This “tampon” has been... (more)

Tags: Africa,contraceptive,HIV/AIDS,Sex,tampon

New Sensor Hones in on Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

New Sensor Hones in on Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

August 24th, 2014

. By Sarah Anstett

Sector: Health,Inventions

The UK’s Royal Botanical Gardens, located in the Kew district of London and also known as Kew Gardens (KEW), is a renowned botanical and scientific research centre that has developed an innovative tool to help organizations and governments guard against malaria-carrying mosquitoes. The centre is a finalist in the Google Impact Challenges UK competition, wherein it is showcasing a “mini-acoustic sensor”... (more)

Tags: dengue fever,Malaria,Mosquito,mosquitoes

Under the Sea-Water Greenhouses

Under the Sea-Water Greenhouses

August 21st, 2014

. By Calondra Mainhart

Sector: Agriculture

Seawater Greenhouses are designed to help relieve the burden of food scarcity in areas that are dry and lack access to freshwater. Currently found in such areas as Tenerife, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Australia, the greenhouses use an evaporator and "prevailing winds" to distribute humid, freshwater air to plants for absorption. This project has been a long time coming; the pilot... (more)

Tags: Abu Dhabi,Agriculture,climate change,Food,Middle East,seawater greenhouse,Water

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