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    Beekeeping and Global Development

      Bees have been domesticated for thousands of years in one fashion or other. Their honey provides us with a bounty of nutrients and sugars that are hard to find in such abundance elsewhere in nature. Their service as pollinators is one of the most beneficial contributions that any species makes to the survival of the human race. These assets …

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Social Networking for Marginalized Communities

Social Networking for Marginalized Communities

January 28th, 2015

. By Heather Barnes

Sector: Emergency Relief,Inventions,Livelihoods

 Mobile Vaani, launched in 2011, has brought social networking to rural India and resulted in an innovation in communication across the country.  Created by Gram Vaani, which means “voice of the village”, it builds technology to induce marginalized communities to voice their news, concerns and demands.  Circumventing problems of interpreter access and literacy, the vocally-based program works through rudimentary cell... (more)

Tags: aid,Communication,community,India,Mobile phone,South Asia,vulnerable communities

Getting Dirty: Boosting Soil Fertility in Africa

Getting Dirty: Boosting Soil Fertility in Africa

January 27th, 2015

. By Valerie Busch

Sector: Agriculture,Environment

 The UN has named 2015 the International Year of Soils, in a time when the health of the world’s soils, especially those in Sub-Saharan Africa, are in dire need of attention. While populations in Sub-Saharan Africa are on the increase, soils are becoming increasingly degraded, resulting in a reduction of per capita food production and agricultural productivity. Soils are naturally poor... (more)

Tags: farming,fertility,soil,Sub-Saharan Africa

My Roof Eats Smog for Lunch

My Roof Eats Smog for Lunch

January 26th, 2015

. By Eric Anderson

Sector: Environment,Inventions

 Smog has long been a ubiquitous presence in urban areas around the world. It is a major contributor to respiratory illness and can cripple a city's ability to function, to say nothing of it's psychological effects. Each city approaches the problem in their own way, from high taxes on vehicles to industrial restrictions. Now, researchers have developed a specially... (more)

Tags: air quality,clean air,pollution,roofing,smog

Can Drones Stop Poaching?

Can Drones Stop Poaching?

January 24th, 2015

. By Elizabeth DiCesare

Sector: Environment

  In the past few years, illegal poaching activities have skyrocketed in many African and Asian countries. The African Wildlife Foundation estimates that less 900 mountain gorillas still exist, and no more than 2,000 grevy zebras are alive. It’s believed that many species -- including both African and Asian elephants, rhinos, and tigers -- will be extinct within our lifetime. While conservation areas... (more)

Tags: Africa,Conservation,drone,endangered species,India,poaching,wildlife

Food Security for Everyone

Food Security for Everyone

January 23rd, 2015

. By Anastasia Georgouli

Sector: Agriculture,Health

 Every year, a huge amount of food is thrown away. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization,  about one third  of all food is discarded before it is consumed, while at the same time, some 805 million people around the world stay hungry.In both rich and poor areas, the problem seems to be equally crucial. In India, for example, 21 million... (more)

Tags: Europe,Food,food bank,Food Security,Greece,Waste

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