Last Mile Mobile Solutions revolutionizes humanitarian delivery systems


lmmsWorld Vision Canada has developed and begun implementing a system they call Last Mile Mobile Solutions. This system services WV’s distribution programs in humanitarian disasters. Organizations have made great advancements in tracking and monitoring how their supplies move from storage and collection points to the field, but that’s often where the tracking ceases. Successes are measured in number of kits or packages given out and beneficiaries reported in general terms. More often than not, this is due to an inability to track each person receiving aid. LMMS operates by creating a household profile for each receipt and printing out an ID card. Beneficiaries are then required to present their ID card, which will indicate how much aid they will receive based upon their need. The information is then aggregated within a database, which is monitored to evaluate the relationship between the beneficiaries and World Vision.

This innovation offers users the ability to carefully track how their beneficiaries are being impacted by their services. This allows users to calibrate their services to address gaps and errors in provision. It also helps them report back to stakeholders on their activities in specific terms. Incorporating this system with handheld devices and laptops means that users can deploy almost anywhere and maintain a high level of accountability over their activities. Having an ability to immediately pull up information on a particular beneficiary  on a handheld device also means that people can’t exploit aid systems by providing false statements of need. 

At the moment, LMMS systems do not have the the most user-friendly interface, nor “idiot-proof” instructions attached. This may limit its use amongst organizations that are unfamiliar with the system. This obstacle limits an organization’s ability to dispense the system to all their partners in the field and thus diminishes its full benefits. That being said, programmers are working to create mobile apps and more software to improve the ease with which LMMS can be used.

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World Vision Canada

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Eric Pires

Eric Pires

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